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Social Media+Self Care+Hobbies= Emotional Intelligence

What if there was a social network made for you to share your life with your self? 

What if you used this social network as a guided digital notebook that tracks your process and progress of self care?

Isn't time for a social network hobby space to gather your self and your thoughts, that is your own public, private or secret Tribe in real life? #IRL

A Network that believes, "your life should be interesting to you, not for you to make yourself interesting to others." 

What do you get when you add social media, self care and hobbies together? Emotional Intelligence and a network build to support that. 

Want to learn Functional Creative SelfCare habits for work? Join the only social network that creatively focuses on taking breaks with our Creativity Consultants. 

Rooms for Self Care are for Hobbyists?

Do you have a hobby that helps you to imagine, create room and space in your life. 

That's called 'focusing' and we call it 'functional creative selfcare'? 

People that are in burnout love to focus. So much so that they focus themselves past stress into burnout. Maybe you aren't sure what your self care should feel like? 

And you've asked google these questions, 'what is self care or how to reduce stress naturally?' 

We are happy to say you aren't the only one, trying to find those answers, and now, you've found yours. 

Welcome to The SelfCare Addict Network

A place where hobbyists get their own social network to show their process, document the behind the scenes and deleted scenes, to share their progress with themselves only and or the wider community of hobbyist and selfcare addicts. A place where talent or choice in talent is not forced it is chosen. It is a place where self care comes naturally is normal, accepted, encouraged, expressed, engaged, chosen and shown. 

A place where we all know and understand, when it is made with interest. It will not be made for interest. There are other social networks made just for that. 

We believe you should #justbeyourself "In Real Life." We took that very literally when we created this network. 

Let's bridge that gap between private social spaces and your personal interests that automatically create a feeling of calm in real life.  #IRL

"Because when you pretend to Take a Break, you take The Break you want" 

Use Social Media to build or increase your eMotional Intelligence (eMQ) in a book & Journal --Pre-order yours today!

This journey began in 2017 with the Jamaican Creativity Consultant Ann-Marie Talley discovering Self Care in gelli printing and finger painting on canvas relieved her stress, anxiety and eventually burnout. She then embarked on a journey that captures creative self care and eMotional Intelligence by Pretending and Focusing. She is the founder and CEO of The SelfCare Addict Network and co founder of Onyx Creative, a creative wellness consultancy with a mission to transform organizational cultures through the art of self care. She created The Emotional Sh!t Show podcast, the art and books to share guided focus mantra's inspired by The SelfCare Addict journey.
Join us as we add the finishing touches to our books with expert interviews and conversations with emotional hackers like you! Sharing their stories and discussing answers you won't find on google. 
Be the first to  get access to our books, podcast and video series on modern day emotional hacking in the workforce. 

“We don’t expect anyone to decide by a book on The SelfCare Addict Network. We expect people to learn from a sharing their work in real life on The SelfCare Addict Network.”  

Get started for FREE today! #IRL

We only want to work with people that want to pretend to take a break for fun! In real life that is. 

If burnout is your thing and you don't mind feeling misunderstood by yourself and others, then creating your Self Care Room should be fun. 

You already have all your research done. 


You can be a part timer self care hobbyist, you'll still benefit, just at a slower pace. 

If you are already pretending to not take that break you've been thinking about, then you are all ready and set to pretend or create your focus or balance in real life. #IRL 

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What Others Are Saying

You are absolutely perfect at what you do. I was standing in the back of the room while you were facilitating crying my eyes out. It was incredible, beautiful, moving and powerful! I love you  and we are super honored that you have chosen to give back with BlindConnect as your cause.

Raquel O'niell: President of BlindConnect 

My daughter and I recently enjoyed a fun night out together at a finger painting class facilitated by Ann-Marie. We had such a great time learning about ourselves while finger painting together. The class was fun and insightful. I would recommend Ann-Marie’s class to people of all ages. It was a great bonding experience with my daughter. Thank you Ann-Marie for guiding us through the finger painting process. We discovered things about ourselves individually and collectively. 

Shannon Fessler

It honestly took me a while to process what I experienced on Friday. When I was a kid I used to like to paint, but when I loss  my  sight  in my late teens I thought that painting was never going to be accessible to me anymore. Painting for me was a way to express my emotions and cope with life. Thus, believing that I could not longer paint made me feel incomplete.  It was not until BlindConnect put together a self-care/painting workshop that  I was able to reconnect with that part of me.   The workshop not only helped  me to realize that blindness does not have to limit my creativity,  but also it allowed me to process many thoughts and emotions that I was struggling with. I want to thank all the wonderful staff and volunteers off BlindConnect for your great mission and vision.

Pedro N.

When I want to relax I finger paint a very close friend Ann-Marie Talley shared with me and it has been awesome experience.  So a Few weeks ago my sister Clark Stephanie and I had our own paint and sip. I Love her so much. I’m sharing her creation there are no mistakes in ART.  Beautiful no stencil just what in your heart at the time.  Representing her Team Who Dat!!

Zelma Hayes

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