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The eMotional Sh!t Show Podcast

Outside an office is where the rest of life occurs we believe in Time Well Spent creating with our heART Drawing us closer to our truer selves can happen instantly when we are actively aware of our creativity

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Support for Stress Burnout

The art of Wellness Defense Certification


There are 8 dimensions of wellness and we train for all of them. Learn how others like you use the Law of Conservation of Energy to master Self Care


Your sense of Emotional Intelligence and several others in one of our immersive self care workshops 


What we mean by Recycled Emotions and how today's stay at home moms, inventors, activists, designers, creatives, entrepreneur, doctors, social media influencers, HR, leaders, CEO's etc. are using social media to be social with themselves while designing their life with self-care 


Graduate a SelfCare Addict feeling like yourself care never leaves you when you download our app



Members just like you creatives who believe, "It's not about making yourself care interesting it's about finding yourself care interesting"- The SelfCare Addict

Featured creative Kat Lincoln 

She is our resident Neo-soul, hip-hop, with a flare of jazz singer is also a Health Wellness & Life Coach

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We've been making room for your-self care 

Order your copy of Addicted Too: How an Addiction Counselor overcame her own addiction to stress and how you can too

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“We don’t expect anyone to decide by a book on the Self Care Nations network. We expect people to learn from a sharing their work in real life on our network Self Care Nations.” 

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What Others Are Saying

You are absolutely perfect at what you do. I was standing in the back of the room while you were facilitating crying my eyes out. It was incredible, beautiful, moving and powerful! I love you  and we are super honored that you have chosen to give back with BlindConnect as your cause.

Raquel O'niell: President of BlindConnect 

My daughter and I recently enjoyed a fun night out together at a finger painting class facilitated by Ann-Marie. We had such a great time learning about ourselves while finger painting together. The class was fun and insightful. I would recommend Ann-Marie’s class to people of all ages. It was a great bonding experience with my daughter. Thank you Ann-Marie for guiding us through the finger painting process. We discovered things about ourselves individually and collectively. 

Shannon Fessler

It honestly took me a while to process what I experienced on Friday. When I was a kid I used to like to paint, but when I loss  my  sight  in my late teens I thought that painting was never going to be accessible to me anymore. Painting for me was a way to express my emotions and cope with life. Thus, believing that I could not longer paint made me feel incomplete.  It was not until BlindConnect put together a self-care/painting workshop that  I was able to reconnect with that part of me.   The workshop not only helped  me to realize that blindness does not have to limit my creativity,  but also it allowed me to process many thoughts and emotions that I was struggling with. I want to thank all the wonderful staff and volunteers off BlindConnect for your great mission and vision.

Pedro N.

When I want to relax I finger paint a very close friend Ann-Marie Talley shared with me and it has been awesome experience.  So a Few weeks ago my sister Clark Stephanie and I had our own paint and sip. I Love her so much. I’m sharing her creation there are no mistakes in ART.  Beautiful no stencil just what in your heart at the time.  Representing her Team Who Dat!!

Zelma Hayes

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